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  • The current climate of apparent disrespect for life in this country and the threat of euthanasia, gives urgent need to strengthen the voice of nurses who are opposed to euthanasia.
  • Opposed nurses will be those from whatever background of beliefs – or none who consider euthanasia never to be an acceptable form of treatment or care nor a proper solution to a patient’s problems.
  • Members of the Multidisciplinary team, Nurses Learners and Care Support Workers ¬†are welcome to join this group.

(2001 – 2016) Fifteenth Anniversary Review

I set up this group in September 2001 in response to the need for patient advocacy due to my own experience of a climate of increasing disregard for the right to conscientious objection in clinical practice. Government developments such as the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) with their inherent dangers to the vulnerable were beginning to cause concern to pro life healthcare professionals.

Due to these national developments which were impacting on clinical practice, and my own past professional experience, there was a clear need for a network of support and information for nurses working in difficult work environments that could be hostile to a pro life ethos of care.

Recruitment to the group was first achieved via adverts in 2001. Adverts in the nursing press for national conferences have continued on a regular basis. Qualified nurses, Student nurses and Health Care Assistants are eligible to join

The Group Aims and Objectives were agreed with the assistance of a medical and legal opinion. These are regularly reviewed in line with political developments, clinical guidelines and the reviews of the Nurses’ Code of Professional Conduct:standards for conduct, performance and ethics (NMC 2015).

The group provides a network of peer support, raising awareness on the particular threats to patient safety and well being, educational and campaigning opportunities with an emphasis on nurse patient advocacy.

Nurse members have maintained a regular presence at the main political party conferences and attend the regular Pro-life nurses convened conferences.

The group has formal ongoing affiliation with two Pro Life medical groups: the Medical Ethics Alliance and Care Not Killing UK.