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    • Supreme Court Ruling, July 2018 for patients in persistent, non- responsive states

    • The ‘slippery slope’ takes over when ideology trumps compassion, positive medicine and true patient advocacy. This judgement is an attack on innocent human lives whose need for nutrition and fluids is a fundamental right. The following principle should be morally binding: To make an attempt on the life of, or to kill an innocent person is an evil action.  This sad development will place nurses in terrible situations, requiring courage and steadfast patient advocacy in line with their Code of Conduct. See more via this link:



    • 2018: Noel Conway’s later Appeal has been rejected.
    • October 2017. Former lecturer with Motor Neurone Disease fails in bid to be helped to commit suicide but intends to appeal the ruling.

    • Noel Conway’s case was supported by Humanists UK , Dignity in Dying and opposed by the secretary of state for justice.  Care Not Killing and Not Dead Yet UK, also made submissions.The British Medical Association has previously expressed its opposition to physician-assisted dying, saying it risked putting “vulnerable people at risk of harm” and would be “contrary to the ethics of clinical practice”.
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    UK: Noel Conway Case for legal Assisted Suicide at the High Court on 17 July 2017 

    Attempts by Dignity in Dying to achieve a change in the law continue. This is despite the overwhelming defeat of the Maris Bill in 2015 by 330 – 118 votes and numerous preceding failed Bill attempts to change the law. This latest DID attempt, supports Mr Noel Conway, in yet another try for a change in the law.

    Please see an analysis of this case from the Care not Killing Alliance here:

     Nikki Kenward of ‘Distant Voices’ demonstrated outside the High Court (17 July 2017) during Noel Conway’s legal bid for assisted suicide. See Nikki talking to the BBC that day:

  • DOCTORS UNDER PRESSURE : [This Report is important for all pro life professionals irrespective of their care area]

PRESS RELEASE  21st JULY 2016. From: Fiona Bruce MP, Chair of the Pro-Life All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)



A group of MPs led by Congleton MP Fiona Bruce have called on Government and NHS governing bodies to ensure that the legal right of healthcare professionals to conscientious objection to taking part in abortions is properly protected. The All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, chaired by Congleton MP Fiona Bruce, found that there is increasing pressure on healthcare professionals with a conscientious objection to abortion to participate in the abortion process.

While the Inquiry, which received evidence from 150 different witnesses, including many healthcare professionals, healthcare bodies and abortion providers, heard accounts from nurses, midwives and doctors who had been pressured and discriminated against despite their right to conscientious objection, often seeing their career or training options limited. The British Medical Association confirmed that some doctors have complained of being harassed and discriminated against because of their conscientious objection to abortion.

The Report makes clear that, whilst there is legal protection for healthcare professionals who have a conscientious objection to participating in abortion, this is not being observed in practice.

It also recommends that the Government conduct a review into the training of medical students, and calls for the principle of ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ to be introduced into legislation in this country. The report calls specifically on the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists to publish a statement clarifying its position on this issue.

Fiona Bruce MP, who has been Member of Parliament from the Congleton constituency since 2010, said ‘Freedom of conscience is a key part of living in a diverse and democratic society. It is vital that conscientious health professionals who do not wish to participate in abortion can be confident in their right to opt-out of doing so without fear of censure, discrimination or abuse. It is essential that our hardworking doctors, nurses and midwives are given the protection the law requires if they do not want to participate in abortions.’


The full report can be found at: